31st March, 2019

Fourth meeting ( Rakan Seni 2019 )

Penang Performing Arts Centre, also known as Penang PAC, has once again organised a Rakan Seni camp to improve our acting skills. Our activity started off with our guidance teacher presenting a gift for our honorable guests on behalf of the drama club. It was real fun playing games given by the conductor from the Penang PAC board of committee. One of the game rules were the conductor gave you an alphabet, for example “A”, and you form a sentence like the following : “Ali sold apples at the airport.” If you couldn’t make up a sentence in time, you will be disqualified. I was overjoyed because I won the game by chance, lucky me ! We thewn watched a slide about Penang PAC’s location, facilities and classes provided. The goal of the camp was fufilled and we all went home contented that day.


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