13th February, 2019

Second meeting 2019

In this meeting we have a lot of interesting games, and it lets us learn how to improve our responsiveness and unity. The committee members divided the members into two groups to conduct activities, forming two rows of people sitting opposite each other. At the beginning of the game, one of the team members ran to the middle target seat. When they met, they had to stop and do “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, then the loser returns to the last seat, and the loser’s group sends another team member to move toward the target seat again. The winner can continue to run to the target seat, and if she encounters another opponent again, they repeat “Rock, Paper, Scissors”. The player who reaches the target seat first wins. There are other wonderful games in addition, and the members had a lot of fun. After singing the Drama Club song, the meeting ended well by 1.30 pm.

The members playing games

Rock, Paper, Scissors !

The guessing game ! Can you guess the proverb ?

Is it something flying ?

Moving about keeps me healthy !

No you didn’t see me

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