23rd April, 2022

Mesyuarat ke-3 2022

Ahli-ahli jawatankuasa mengenali pengaliran jadual dan mengajar ahli-ahli menggunakan pautan penukar MP3 atau pemotong MP3 untuk melaksanakan aktiviti tentang penguat audio.Seterusnya,Ahli-ahli dipecahkan ke beberapa kumpulan kecil untuk melaksanakan sesi interaksi selepasnya dan masuk ke pautan Google Meet ditetapkan masing-masing. Ahli-ahli akan bermain permainan “Saya Cakap Kamu pemotong” dan “Marilah biarkan cerita itu membawa anda ke dunia muzik”.Ahli yang dipanggil oleh jawatankuasa memulih ke pautan umum. Pengalaman dan perasaan diterangkan oleh ahli yang menghadiri “ZXC Theatre Troupe” pada minggu lepas kepada ahli-ahli. Akhirnya, lagu Kelab Drama telah dimainkan yang perlu dinyanyi pada akhir perjumpaan.


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9th April, 2022

Mesyuarat ke-2 2022

Pada hair ini,Ahli-ahli jawatankuasa menguraikan pengaliran jadual dan memimpin ajaran teori aspek pencahayaan pentas, merangkumi elemen lekapan lampu pentas dan pemilihan peralatan bagi mencapai visualisasi persembahan yang diingini.Selling its,Ahli-ahli jawatankuasa memimpin ajaran teori aspek pencahayaan pentas, merangkumi elemen lekapan lampu pentas dan pemilihan peralatan. Selapas itu, ahli-ahli diminta menjawab soalan tentang teori tersebut dalam KAHOOT untuk menguji tahap persefahaman mengenai topik diajar.

Selepasnya,Ahli-ahli dipecahkan ke beberapa kumpulan kecil untuk melaksanakan sesi interaksi selepasnya dan masuk ke pautan Google Meet ditetapkan masing-masing.

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26th March, 2022

Drama AGM 2022




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13th August, 2019

Sixth Meeting 2019

Our 2019 School Drama Competition was held today. Every member was required to participate in the competition. The contestants were separated into four groups. Each group put in a lot of effort and time to complete their play. The first group’s title is 青春你们好 with contestants Lee Zi Xuan, Emily Ong, Teh Min En, Png Yee Jie, Teh Yu Wen, Allyne Shee, Zoey Chandran, Looi Zi Ying and Pujamisha. The second group is 爱与家 with contestants Michelle Goh, Ooi Zheng Yin, Jenna Wong, Looi Zi Ying, Tan Hui Chi and Teh Min Yee. The third group has the name Mission 87 by Lee Khai Syan, Lim Xin Jie, Frances Khor, Annabelle Ang. The fourth group is 友始友终 consisting of Chan Lee Yi, Loh Yee Ming, Loh Ning, Rachel Lee and so on. We learned a lot of important lessons from today’s meeting.

Best Director Award (Lee Khai Syan)

Best Sound Effects (青春你们好)

Best Actress Award

Actress Award

Actress Award

Actress Award

Champion (Mission 87)

Silver Award (青春你们好)

Bronze Award (友始友终)

Bronze Award (爱与家)

First group (青春你们好)

First group (青春你们好)

Second group (爱与家)

Second group (爱与家)

Third group (Mission 87)

Third group (Mission 87)

Fourth group (友始友终)

Fourth group (友始友终)

The actresses captured the audience’s attention

Committees on duty

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13th August, 2019

Fifth meeting 2019

A gotong royong was held to ensure the cleaniness of our school verandah. Some members fetched water buckets and cloth while some others mopped and swept the floor clean. The rest wiped the chairs and tables clean. Everyone worked hard and the job was done very quickly. We proceeded with an introduction of a play coming soon called “光影梦” by Mr. Chen Chao Yuan. After that, the meeting ended with the members singing the drama club song.

Cleaning the chairs and stacking them back

Sweeping the floor and pouring away the dust collected

Mopping the floor until it’s squeaky clean

Dipping the cloths and squeezing out the dirty water

You can still have fun while doing chores !

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31st March, 2019

Fourth meeting ( Rakan Seni 2019 )

Penang Performing Arts Centre, also known as Penang PAC, has once again organised a Rakan Seni camp to improve our acting skills. Our activity started off with our guidance teacher presenting a gift for our honorable guests on behalf of the drama club. It was real fun playing games given by the conductor from the Penang PAC board of committee. One of the game rules were the conductor gave you an alphabet, for example “A”, and you form a sentence like the following : “Ali sold apples at the airport.” If you couldn’t make up a sentence in time, you will be disqualified. I was overjoyed because I won the game by chance, lucky me ! We thewn watched a slide about Penang PAC’s location, facilities and classes provided. The goal of the camp was fufilled and we all went home contented that day.


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31st March, 2019

Third meeting 2019

I can’t believe it’s already the third meeting this year and we’re all on pins and needles to know what our special guest of the day looks like. He’s also a drama teacher and the scriptwriter for this year’s National Chinese Middle School Drama Competition. We read a few lines from the beginning script aloud and had a hilarious laugh-out-loud game that involves a few members forming a line lying down on their stomachs and pushing a player to the other side of the line like rolling logs. We improved our cooperative skills from this amazing game. The meeting ended at 1.30 after we sang our Drama Club song as usual.

The circle of concentration …


We are good lovable kids

Look to the right, look to the left …What did you spot ?


Ouch, I hear bone crunching !

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13th February, 2019

Second meeting 2019

In this meeting we have a lot of interesting games, and it lets us learn how to improve our responsiveness and unity. The committee members divided the members into two groups to conduct activities, forming two rows of people sitting opposite each other. At the beginning of the game, one of the team members ran to the middle target seat. When they met, they had to stop and do “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, then the loser returns to the last seat, and the loser’s group sends another team member to move toward the target seat again. The winner can continue to run to the target seat, and if she encounters another opponent again, they repeat “Rock, Paper, Scissors”. The player who reaches the target seat first wins. There are other wonderful games in addition, and the members had a lot of fun. After singing the Drama Club song, the meeting ended well by 1.30 pm.

The members playing games

Rock, Paper, Scissors !

The guessing game ! Can you guess the proverb ?

Is it something flying ?

Moving about keeps me healthy !

No you didn’t see me

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13th February, 2019

First meeting 2019

This gathering we interacted with the new members for the first time. We introduced the members of this year to the new members with the help of our guidance teacher. Next, we played interesting games with our members. Each person sits on a chair and then the committee reads from the blackboard loudly while the members get up, walk around and introduce themselves to each other. The members try to bear each other’s name in mind. When the committee member said: “Students, do you understand?”, all members must return to their seats. If the committee found a member who did not sit down immediately, she has to answer some tricky questions. Finally, the committee taught the new members to sing the Drama Club song. The meeting ended at 1:30 pm.

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5th July, 2018

Ninth meeting 2018

This gathering was simple but meaningful. The annual PCGHS drama competition is about to begin, and the committee members let the members make circle and seperate the members into four groups, each group with 2-3 members, and the rest are committees. After the grouping, everyone discussed with their own team members of their winning strategy and assign the positions of the team members. Finally, the members gave the members a balloon to see who could inflate the biggest balloon. The purpose of this game is to practice controlling the volume of their voice onstage. After singing the Drama Club song, the meeting ended at 1:30.

Look at my gigantic balloon !

So many colors !

Yay I did it !

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